Easter Crafty Fun – what will you make?

Is Easter likely to be a wash out? Probably. No, it’ll snow actually. So if you’re not out in the garden making snow bunnies – here’s some other lovely things you could do. Enjoy!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned all our fun new decoupage things, including these very seasonal egg blanks – think of the possibilities! Spend the weekend colouring in, painting, sticking and sticking and see who can make the egg with the most personality. Check out my pinterest board for slightly more sophisticated things to do with these, like dying ombre colours, swoon. Unless of course you’re like me and are perfectly happy just covering everything in PVA, gluing feathers on and drawing a smiley face in sharpie. YAY.


Bunyip has done a very sweet trail of their ceramic bunny beads in the shop window which has been crazy popular (I’ve had more than one lady come in and exclaim “THE RABBITS! WHERE ARE THE RABBITS!” which isn’t even the weirdest thing people come in and exclaim at us in an average week.) There aren’t many of these left, obviously, because they are adorable. One of these made into a charm and strung on a piece of ribbon is just the sweetest easter gift possible, isn’t it?


Speaking of rabbits, I know I’m constantly gushing about these at the moment but look – little paper cross stitchy animals! I think these might be the perfect rainy day activity. Picking out your colours, designing a sweet pattern, and stitching a little jumper on a bunny! God it makes me happy. And it’s suitable for the littlest of fingers too – just swap in a plastic needle and get to it.


Not up for stitching? More inclined to cutting and sticking? I feel you. Look at this fabulous washi tape make I found on pinterest – so easy and effective! Doesn’t just have to be eggs either, cut out stars or chickens or letters for all the washi tape fun you can think of. Also I have robot washi tape. If that’s not eastery I don’t know what is. 

(I found this on pinterest, but for the original tutorial click here.)

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 13.11.11

And of course, you can always get the felt out and whip up a couple of soft friends. Perfect for practicing your hand stitching skills and using up those scraps – there’s tons of free patterns on pinterest (can you tell I’m having a pinterest heavy week at the moment?). I particularly love these little rabbits and chickens, and I just wanna embroider funny little facial expressions of them.

(Another pinterest find – find the tutorial here.)

Screen shot 2015-04-01 at 13.14.11

I hope you have a lovely easter weekend, whatever you end up creating! I for one will be cherishing the 2-days-off-in-a-row and snoozing til the afternoon – did someone say super sunday? See you there!

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And check out my easter board on pinterest for more ideas and inspiration:


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